Today we are taking you inside the Planet Bluegrass Wedding Pavilion for Mara and Josh's reception.  We continue the carnival wedding theme throughout all the decor, the food, and even the entertainment.

The color palette was all black and white with pops of color in the flowers. Here's where some of those circus freak details start coming out!

There are so many cool details here, and a lot of them are more DIY  fabulous-ness!


One of the first few details we came up with was the fortune teller tents. We made one sample to show the bride, she loved it, and took over making them. Each placesetting had a tent in front of it. The top of the tent would lift off revealing the fortune teller who had a unique fortune for the guest. 


We had a variety of centerpieces, the Menagerie was another of the first details that we designed. This centerpiece was a black vintage birdcage with a glittered fuchsia elephant inside.  The elephant became and inspiration for a lot of the paper details and the invitations.


The long family style seating tables we called the tightrope walker tables. We used simple lanterns and vintage vases with fuchsia flowers mixed in and above it we hung vintage black and white umbrellas.


I think my favorite tables were the Ticket Booth Tables. Here's your ticket to the carnival freak show! We reused the bridesmaids bouquets in vintage vases, sitting on a foam platform to raise up the "freak show" pieces. Around the bouquet there was a carnival freak show piece, a circus train, and a fortune teller. Each tables show pieces were completely unique.


The circus trains were made out of altoid tins and vintage carnival scrapbooking paper, cut out and set in a 3D style with thread spool wheels, and a lot of bling and fun accents.  


We used the altoid tin lids to make a different style of circus train. This one also had a 3D effect with each opening displaying a circus freak or carnival side show act.


We also used Altoid tins to create a fortune teller for each table. These also had a 3D element to them.



My favorite of the show pieces was the circus freak show plaques.  Each plaque had unique old time freak show acts set inside of a matchbox.  We did have one for the couple with pictures of the bride and groom and their dog, we set this one at their sweetheart table.

The last centerpiece style was the Marquee Table, with the marquee style light bulbs used as "flowers". The brides DIY flowers brightened the piece. 


All the tables were named after freak show acts, and we used actual vintage freak show posters for the table names.Throughout the room we had vintage carnival posters and we even projected vintage carnival video footage on a screen as guests made their way through the dinner stations. For dinner we had vegan choices for the bride, but also carnival inspired foods like chicken and waffles, mini sliders, and even a gourmet fries station.



This groups was super in to music and they danced and danced the night away. Of course then they needed a little sugar pick me up, so tomorrow we'll share the dessert station and what better to have at a carnival wedding than a funnel cake station! 

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