Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

You have a busy career and personal life, and planning a wedding can become a full time job! 

It should be a very exciting time, but it can get stressful very quickly.   It can be confusing deciding where to begin; frustrating determining what things actually cost (not what the online budget told you it should); and take a ton of time researching who is really a professional vendor.  Not to mention with Pinterest you'd think that designing a wedding would be easy... not true...oh, it's fun, but with so many choices how does one narrow it down to a specific wedding vision and convey it easily to your vendors? 

There are so many details that go into planning and designing your day, not to mention ensuring your wedding runs smoothly, that it becomes hard to keep up with all of it and maintain some sanity.

When you have a Classic Creations wedding planner you are still in control of each and every decision....you just have someone to guide you along the planning path!    Those planning details that get stressful quickly because you're doing them for the first time, are the details we deal with on a daily basis. As your planner we will help you establish a reasonable budget; narrow down your choices to reputable vendors that meet your style and budget; negotiate prices; review contracts; help you determine your wedding style; design an amazing day; and reduce your stress so that you can enjoy every moment.

Lastly.....did you know that couples who don't hire a wedding planner overspend their budget by 30%??? Yikes..that could pay for the honeymoon!

So really it's not a matter of should you hire a planner, but more a question of which level of service should you contract?  Click here to learn more about our wedding planning programs

What is a Wedding Designer or Wedding Stylist?

Classic Creations is both a Wedding Planning and Wedding Design Firm.  Which means we can help you with both, but our passion and really what sets us apart from others is that we are amazing Wedding Designers and Stylists.

A Wedding Designer/Stylist is the person that helps you determine your wedding style. They make sure every detail, prop, lush flower, silky linen, paper item, and moment is cohesive around your wedding theme.  At Classic Creations we're helping you create a complete wedding experience. We design the event from the moment your guests arrive until the second they leave.  For our wedding designers, it's all about creating that ambiance that reflects your personalities....we'll  help you design a day that is truly unique to you.

Be sure to click here to watch the video on the homepage and learn more on our signature design approach!


What Makes Classic Creations Different from Other Wedding Planners?

Well, here's some info you should know about us......Classic Creations Wedding Planners are an experienced group of wedding professionals who love everything wedding!  AND  we love to have FUN while planning.  We believe in being upfront about our fees (it's a flat fee, no percentages here!). We are very detailed and creative.Vendors refer us and tell us how much they love working with us because of our attention to the littlest detail; that things run smoothly; and that we are fun!

BUT what makes us different from other companies?  The BIGGEST thing that sets us apart.....our Signature Design approach. 

Couples are amazed at what we can do with their budget, love our signature sparkle touch (a secret detail we add in to your day...and we know you'll love)

My Venue has an Onsite Coordinator, Won't They Do the Same Thing as Classic Creations?


We hear this quite often......there are so many issues with this, but here are just a few:

  • My biggest concern with this is that if there was ever a problem with the venue, they can't act as your advocate and represent the venue too!  Their responsibility is to the venue.
  • The planner at the venue may be able to give you some "referrals", but they are generally off of their list that the vendors had to pay to be on...not necessarily because of their professionalism or quality of service...just because they could write a check.  Plus the venue planners don't know what kind of budget you're working with, so you could waste a lot of time here.
  • The venue planners aren't providing the level of service you would have from Classic Creations.....we create a full wedding day agenda with every detail outlined (not just a one page outline of what happens at the facility); we orchestrate the rehearsal; we are watching over each moment of your event, adjusting the timing. guiding you through each moment; and working with each vendor to  make sure things run smoothly.    Plus the venue planners don't do full budgets; help calm your mom down; or let you have unlimited call and email time to discuss your latest design idea.
Classic Creations works for you, and will be there for every event planned around your wedding....not just the part at the venue!


What Type of Weddings Do You Plan?

We have planned and designed all types of weddings.....Traditional, Destination, LGBT Colorado and Destination weddings (Commitment Ceremonies), Military, Green weddings, Themed weddings.  We never say we've seen it all!

Do You Provide Day-Of Consulting Services?

Yes (and no)...we call our Day-Of program a Month-Of program instead. Because I can't really just show up on the day of the wedding and do a good job right? We have a special method and timeframe in which we'll reserve month-of wedding programs. Give us a call to learn more.  You can also click here to learn more about our  Fun & Flirty, Month-Of Wedding Planning.

Is This Your Full-Time Job?

Yes, it really is...aren't I lucky!?!   Also, it has to be a full time job.... so that we can provide you with the attention you deserve, and the quality of service we require. Even though I'm working on weddings all day, I'm still available to meet during times convenient for our clients. Click here to learn a bit more about us.

Do You Charge for an Initial Consultation?

No, our initial appointments are complimentary.  This is a time where we review the wedding wish worksheet we sent you prior to our meeting, a time for you to ask all your questions, and a time for us to learn all of your expectations.  We really want to get to know each other a bit to make sure this is a good fit for both of us. Give us a call we are happy to set one up!  

Do You Charge An Hourly Rate, Flat Rate, or a Percentage of My Budget?

What Do You Charge?

Our planning fees are based on the level of service we provide. No two brides are alike, and neither are our planning programs. While you'll see we have a variety of wedding planning programs available, we typically customize those programs to meet your needs and budget. We charge a flat rate for your customized wedding planning program. Note that we do not accept any commissions or kickbacks from any of the vendors we refer as we feel this is an unethical practice. 

Currently, our planning fees begin at $2200 and go up from there based on which services you require.  When you're ready to book your date, we'll take a retainer of $1,000  to secure your wedding on our calendar.  Contact Us today so we can customize a program for you!

Do You Have Payment Plans?

Absolutely!  We can arrange a mutually agreed upon payment plan and outline it in your contract.

We accept payments via cash, check, and are happy to take Mastercard, Visa and Discover, or any card you can use via Paypal.   


Classic Creations Sounds Like the Perfect Wedding Planner For Me!

How Do We Get Started?

We're thrilled you think so!  We can't wait to get started. 

The first step is to give us a call 303.471.0082 or email us to schedule our complimentary initial consultation. We'll send you our wedding Wish Worksheet, which you'll return prior to our meeting.  When we meet, we'll get to know each other, you can tell us all about your plans and expectations, and review our portfolio. At that point we'll customize a program to meet your needs.  Once the wedding planning services are agreed upon, a signed contract and retainer will secure your wedding date.

Then we will send you our welcome packet and away we go.....