Four Seasons Denver Wedding | Wine Theme

"I'll start by saying we were VERY skeptical of hiring a wedding planner. But that went out the window the moment we met Julie. She took care of EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. Classic Creations helped make our wedding a HUGE success. The discounts Julie was able to negotiate for us paid for her fee 3-4 times over. And all the while, you get to work with a first class organization that treats you like their #1, most important client. If you are planning a wedding, you need go no further. Hire Classic Creations and enjoy the ride. Everything will be taken care of beautifully!!! " - Stephanie

Candles, Crystal, and Cabernet....I adore this wine theme wedding!

Stephanie and Chris made a quick change from planning a wedding in wine country, to a wedding in downtown Denver. They knew they needed a wedding coordinator to help them pull their plans together in 3 months.  Yes, you read that right, 3 months!

Event though they couldn't be in Napa, they still wanted their wedding to reflect their passion for wine. Stephanie also wanted it to be romantic and filled with sparkling candlelight and crystal chandeliers.....well hello Four Seasons Ballroom, it was a perfect fit for their wedding venue.

The couple wanted a contemporary setting and to have things to keep their guests guessing.  So, as they arrived they were greeted with a glass of champagne before the doors opened revealing the glowing ceremony in the round.  The reveals didn't stop there, with a grand reveal of the first dance.  We had divided the ballrooms with a curtain, then snuck the couple onto the dance floor side where the guests couldn't see them.  As guests attention was directed to the curtain wall, the couple was suddenly backlit from behind so that now the guests could see through the curtain. A few seconds more, the lights came up on the bride and groom as they glided around the dance floor...then the curtains were drawn back to reveal the couple's first dance completely. Such a magical moment, lots of oohs and ahhs on that one!

After much negotiation between the couple over a seated dinner (the grooms choice) or stations (the brides choice- the groom felt it was too informal). I mentioned we could have a sommelier at each station to pair a wine with that meal. The groom was sold!

Guests enjoyed a variety of wines selected by the couple, a fabulous dinner, a great party, late night snacks to keep up their energy for dancing, and left with wine key favors.

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Oh, Jason + Gina Wedding Photographers, I adore your photos and you too!