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Take a Minute...Close Your Eyes. 

Imagine Your Perfect Wedding Day.
How Do You Feel?  What Do You See?
It's a Perfect Day!
A Day When All Your Wishes Can Come True. 
What is Your Wish for Your Wedding?

Classic Creations Wedding Planning and Design Firm believes in doing things a little differently, and will take your wish for your wedding to an entirely new level, transforming your dreams in to a visually spectacular reality.  Whether you wish for a stunning wedding gown, beautiful decor, or an amazing party where the dance floor is packed all night, Classic Creations captures the essence of the dream while captivating you and your guests with even the smallest details.  Classic Creations is passionate about wedding planning and design and it shows in every spectacular and unique event that we create.

At Classic Creations we know that no two weddings or brides are identical, so while we provide several planning programs, we prefer to customize or modify a program to perfectly suit your wedding planning expectations.  Let's find a perfect fit for you!

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Your life revolves around a lot of things. Sparkle & Shine is the ultimate luxury in wedding planning and perfect for the busy professional.  We know you want to plan your wedding, but not have it take over your life.  You know your priorities and enjoying your engagement while someone else handles all the logistics is a dream!  You know you want exceptional service, someone to handle each and every detail, and guide you through wedding planning and design without the stress.  You want a wedding designer who can take your few basic ideas and translate them in to a wedding day full of details, and moments that captivate your guests. 

Your wedding is about you two and being yourself, together. You truly should Sparkle and Shine. Learn more about this exclusive full wedding planning program!

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Our most popular program is for brides and grooms who want to be in charge of planning their wedding, but still want a professional's experience and guidance.  You want that full consulting experience with access to all of our great vendor refferals, and planning tools. You want exclusive one-on-one access to Julie for her signature wedding design experience, but you also want to be mindful of the budget. When you want all the Glitz & Glamour this partial planning and design program will be the perfect fit!

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You've spent tons of time planning each detail, and on your wedding day you want all the fun and no stress.  You need someone else to to take care of all your details while you dance the night away.  Have someone who understands all your plans and wishes for your day, an experienced professional who can seamlessly implement every detail and moment that you've spent so much time planning.

Relax and enjoy each second of your day with our month-of wedding planning program, and be a little Fun & Flirty!

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Planning on taking this whole wedding shindig abroad?  Do you picture walking down the aisle with the sand between your toes and dancing under the swaying palm trees and twinkling stars? A stressful engagement doesn't fit with that picture. As your destination wedding coordinators, we make planning a breeze. Learn more about how you can be Adored & Away with our destination wedding coordination program!

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Classic Creations Wedding Design, where stylish weddings are made!

From the moment your guests arrive, they should know it's going to be a wedding unlike any other.  At every turn they will be surprised by all the little reveals and sparkling touches, and by how seamlessly everything flows together from one event to the next. From beginning to end, your guests have a wedding experience they will remember for years to come.

Most couples want an incredible, unforgettable day, and their guests to enjoy every second of their unique event, but don’t know how to get from the few vague ideas to that unforgettable luxury experience. With a Classic Creations Designer by your side, you can …you and your guests won't just attend the wedding, they'll get lost in the experience!

It’s never too late to start thinking about your wedding style & design, you too can Dazzle and Dream!

Hourly Consulting

For couples with a more limited budget, consider hourly consulting. With just a few hours of our time, we can offer suggestions that greatly enhance your event, give those last few critical vendor referals, and assist you in editing design ideas into a cohesive and lovely theme.

Wedding Design Styling

There is no limit when it comes to wedding design ideas, just look at Pinterest!  While ideas may be limitless, the budgets not!  Let's meet for two 90 minute sessions where we will work out your creative wedding details. We will talk through your concept and give you guidance on decor vendors, suggestions for enhancing the feel, and help you edit your wedding theme down to a fabulous look.

Learn more about our Ala Carte Wedding Planning Services today, give us a call!