Dazzle & Dream - Wedding Design

Every Bride Needs Their Own Wedding Designer and Stylist!

It doesn't matter if you have a creative side or not. When you're planning an event this big, it's nice to have someone to help you define your wedding vision, someone with a sense of style and aesthetic to bounce ideas around with, not to mention someone who knows where to find great deals for all those ideas!

Our wedding design and styling skills are what really sets Classic Creations apart!

Our talent is giving couples that luxury wedding experience they've dreamed of, but didn't believe they could have. As your Wedding Designer we'll listen, spend the time to really understand your vision, help you define your wedding style, and create a wedding experience that will exceed your every expectation! 

We Create One of a Kind, Stunning Weddings with Decadent Detailing and Personalization!

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing job you and your team did on our wedding. No matter how big or how small our requests were you always made it happen. We gave you a vision and you brought it to reality! I know at times I was all over with ideas and you made sure to keep me on track. Your advice, guidance, and superb eye for detail made our wedding the spectacular event that it was.  When we saw the reception site for the first time it took both our breaths away. I must admit when explaining your vision to someone you do get a bit leery as to if they fully grasp the concept you are going for – Julie you not only grasped it but you added to it! Thank you!" - Elizabeth

Want a Cohesive, Fabulous Look to Your Wedding Day? Well It All Starts Here!

You know the excitement you felt when you said "Yes". You'll feel that same excitement as we take you through Classic Creations' Signature Design process.

It all starts with the Dream stage, where we discover all of your ideas and concepts for the big day. We review your Wedding Pinterest boards (of course!) and all those pages you've torn from magazines. This gives us just a starting point for discussion. After all, we're going to create something unique to you!  From there we move to the Details. This is where we formulate your wedding style.  Then grab a bottle of wine, because we're off to the best part!

With a clear vision of your day, we'll finalize your design and bring your wedding design to life!


You could stop at the Dream stage, but why? The best part is the Delight stage, where we work with our design team to create an original concept just for you.  Presented while you sit back and relax, enjoying that glass of wine! 

The design board presentation is my favorite part.  This is the time where we describe your guest's wedding experience, complete with color palette, linen swatches, sketches and suggestions for those special elements to enhance the whole look and feel.  


Your Personal Wedding Design Team

When you design your wedding on your own, each vendor is working separate from the other.  When you work with Classic Creations it's one design team, a team working together to create, organize, and execute every detail!  I've hand-picked the best of the best in the wedding industry to be part of my wedding design team...and yours! 


At Classic Creations, we want your guests to be wowed by the emotion, the stunning details, and unforgettable experience! 

Yes, I Want a Wedding Designer!

Couples love our full design process, which takes their vision from concept to reality.  We know that no two weddings are alike, and neither are our couples, so we'll customize a wedding design program just for you!

Here are a few ideas....

You could enjoy a Wedding Styling Session which are available for the well organized bride that just wants a stylist's touch. We'll review your plans and make suggestions that enhance the whole feel. 

Come learn all our design secrets and leave with your own vision board at our Wedding Design Workshops, which happen at various times throughout the year. 

Of course, the best and most personalized is enjoying each step of our Signature Wedding Design process. 

Julie's schedule books fast for these programs.  Contact us today, and then get that bottle of wine ready!  Your personalized wedding vision board is just a few steps away!