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{Real Weddings} Vintage Carnival Wedding Video

We loved sharing Mara and Josh's Vintage Carnival Wedding photos with you this week. Here's one last look via our friends at Lockerpartners, amazing wedding videographers!

Be sure to look for the guy juggling the bowling ball, egg, and chainsaw, about 3:50 minutes in! read more

{Real Weddings} Vintage Carnival Wedding | Let Them Eat Funnel Cake

As we wrap up our look at Mara and Josh's Vintage Carnival Wedding at Planet Bluegrass, we are sharing the dessert details. (We'll, it's dessert so we don't have to share, but we will.) 

Mara and Josh decided on cupcakes and a variety of mini desserts for their guests to enjoy, all provided by Footers Catering. The wedding desserts also included a funnel cake station complete with tons of yummy toppings. We displayed it all in front of one of the ribbon curtains with a huge cupcake tower and custom wedding cake topper. The topper was all handmade with a circus tent feel, complete with a trapeze artist and elephants.  It was super fabulous if I do say so myself (I made it, LOL)! read more

{Real Weddings} Vintage Carnival Wedding | Circus Freaks

Today we are taking you inside the Planet Bluegrass Wedding Pavilion for Mara and Josh's reception.  We continue the carnival wedding theme throughout all the decor, the food, and even the entertainment.

The color palette was all black and white with pops of color in the flowers. Here's where some of those circus freak details start coming out!

There are so many cool details here, and a lot of them are more DIY  fabulous-ness! read more

{Real Weddings} Vintage Carnival Wedding | Carnival Cocktails

Time to celebrate!  Today we are leaving Mara and Josh's ceremony behind and heading to the cocktail hour.  Custom signs and pinwheels guided the guests to the cocktail area and newly renovated bar at Planet Bluegrass.  read more

{Real Weddings} Vintage Carnival Wedding| Outdoor Wedding Boulder

Yesterday we showed you the guests arriving at Mara and Josh's Vintage Carnival Wedding at Planet Bluegrass just outside Boulder.  Today we invite you witness the death defying act of nuptials! read more

{Real Weddings} Vintage Carnival Wedding | Denver Wedding Planner

I've been dying to post this often do you get to do a super cool Vintage Carnival Wedding?  When I interviewed with Mara and Josh to be their wedding planner I knew that we would have a great time planning their wedding, and I wasn't wrong.

There is usually a point in a wedding where you can go too far with the decor, this was not one of those.  There couldn't be enough rhinestones, carnival references, fun weirdness...or enough photos! We have so many details that we actually had to split this in to several real wedding posts.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared to be Amazed, Astounded and Dazzled by this Spectacle of Love! read more

{Real Weddings} Vintage Chic Wedding Love Story- Part 2 | Highlands Ranch Mansion

Today we are continuing to share Claire and Eric's "Vintage Chic Love Story" wedding at Highlands Ranch Mansion. 

Claire wanted her wedding to be comfy, simple, full of vintage touches, and intimate. She wanted a green and white color palette to give it an organic feel.  Both Claire and her mom love the vintage rustic style. Her mom's house was a treasure trove of great vintage wedding props. We literally walked through the house pointing at things that would be great to use!  Not to mention that her mom made friends  with the owners of her fave vintage store who let us borrow several pieces for their day. So much fun to be able to have access to all the props you want!

So we continue their story with the reception. Enjoy! read more

{Real Weddings} Vintage Chic Wedding | Highlands Ranch Mansion

Well, sometimes when we look at pictures there are so many details to share that we have to do it in a couple of posts. So this is Part 1 of Claire and Eric's "Vintage Chic Love Story" wedding at Highlands Ranch Mansion.

The girls got ready at her mom's house which was about 1 minute from Highlands Ranch Mansion.  Claire gave the bridesmaids lovely robes to wear while they got ready. Then it was off to the mansion.

I love that Claire's car was decorated. Actually, for the last few weeks prior to the wedding it was decorated with a countdown to wedding day, changing each day until it finally said "Bride 2 B today"! read more

{Engagement Photos} Claire and Eric | Colorado Outdoor Weddings

It's so rare that I have clients who were actually high school sweethearts. It's so sweet!

Claire and Eric graduated from college right before their wedding.  Just a few stressful things to be working on at one time! 

Claire and her mom have a love of vintage decor and I think it even showed up a little in their engagement photography session with photographer Mark Hayes.

Tomorrow I'll share the first of the series of photos from their amazing wedding at Highlands Ranch Mansion, but first here's a bit of their engagement bliss.  read more

{Real Weddings} Estes Park Wedding | Colorado Wedding Planner

Occasionally we have couples who hire us mostly for wedding design, instead of wedding planning.

Nichole and Brian already had their wedding vendors selected when they brought us on to help with their wedding design.  She had selected Estes Park Resort, with an outside ceremony, and a white and red color palette for her spring wedding. She wanted to add some silver, but worried about making it look to Christmas-y.  Nichole loved reading, mostly Shakespeare and poetry, and we wanted to share that love throughout little wedding details.  Brian loved the music and the outdoors and so she wanted to make sure it had some rustic touches to reflect him as well.  We hear that from the guys every now and then, make sure it isn't too girly. Don't worry guys we have you covered!

Here's a few details from their wedding day! read more